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I have long believed that businesses have a duty to give something back – beyond simply employing people and paying for services (although that obviously helps) – to give a helping hand. At Tailor-Made Journeys we are all incredibly fortunate, most of us having had firsthand experience of the many marvels of South America, Antarctica & the Arctic – the amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and ancient cultures, as well as the great cuisine, incredible accommodation, and the warm hospitality. It was only natural for us to want to return the favour.


Here you’ll find information about the charities and organisations we’re currently supporting. If you would like to help please make contact with us and we’ll ensure that 100% of any funds donated reach the organisation of your choice.


Alex Burridge – Managing Director


Sol Y Luna - Sacred Valley
Sol Y Luna Student
Sol Y luna School
Sol y Luna

The Organisation

Education is a key for everyone, particularly those who for no fault of their own are dealt cards that mean their start in life is harder than it should be. Last year we decided we’d help by supporting a student at a school in the Sacred Valley. Some of you may know of, or have even stayed at, Sol y Luna a lovely property set in Urubamba. After 10 years of supporting various schools and projects, Sol Y Luna founders Petit and Franz decided to create their own school to offer children a level of education that lets them be agents in their own development and encourage social integration.


What We’re Doing

We sponsor 10 year old Eydan Suna, one of four brothers at the Sol y Luna (Sun and Moon) Colegio Intercultural. We have made a commitment to sponsor Eydan for at least the next 6 years; to ensure he has the support to see him through the first phase of his education. He’s had a reasonably tough start, and with the support and love of the staff and his new home he’s starting to realise more of his potential. Like so many Peruvian boys he’s a very keen football (soccer) player – his favourite player is Ronaldhino (he used to play for Brazil).


Sponsorship is US$3,700 per annum.


How you can help

If you want to find out more about the school or to perhaps donate click here. The school and the lodge are linked and some funds from the running of the property go towards helping the school. It is also possible to visit the school on a trip; there is a cost, and this goes directly to the school. Visits are organised in a sensitive way. Occasionally we’ll send a brief update as to how Eydan’s getting along. Soon we’ll send information about a cycle trip several of the team will be doing to help raise additional funds.


Colombia Halo Trust
The Halo Trust Colombia
Halo Trust Logo

Since the 1990’s more than 11,000 people have been injured by landmines in rural Colombia, 2,300 of these incidents were fatal. As Colombia moves into a new era of safety and the memories of Pablo Escobar’s Meddellin Drug Cartel and FARC fade, it is time to remove the landmines FARC rebels laid to deter government troops following them into their hideouts. FARC is the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia which ceased operation in 2017. This socialist group fought the government for many years and later turned to drugs to finance their operations.


To assist in funding the safe removal of landmines in Colombia we support the HALO TRUST. This is an organisation that has been helping to clear landmines in Colombia since 2013. Whilst the Trust is registered in the UK & US our support has gone directly to the Colombian office where many brave men and women work clearing the mines. Now that the armed struggle in Colombia is finally over the task is even more important as farmers, their wives and children are reclaiming land once held by FARC, much of it mined.


Donation US$3,500 – 2018


To read a little about the impact and the work please click here.


Blazeaid Fire
Blaze Aid

We are so blessed to live in a country as beautiful as Australia, but with so many extremes and horrible weather events be that fire or rain we also felt the need to help out some of our local farmers. Blaze Aid is a hands on local organisation that provides practical assistance to farmers to re-build fences. It’s simple but incredibly effective.


Donation AU$5,000 2018.

To read a little about the impact and the work please click here.


South Georgia Leopard Seal
South Georgia Heritage Trust Logo

Antarctica Travel Centre is pleased to be an ongoing supporter of the South Georgia Heritage Trust working towards preserving the island’s past and creating a better future for South Georgia, The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) was established in 2005 to raise funds to support its two primary purposes:


1. To help efforts to conserve and protect those species of indigenous fauna and flora that breed and grow on South Georgia or in the surrounding seas and to raise awareness of South Georgia’s threatened species


2. To assist efforts to preserve the historical heritage of South Georgia, including selected historical sites of importance, and increase international awareness of the human history of the island through the South Georgia Museum.


We’re a ‘Macaroni Sponsor’ contributing GBP 600 each year.


Click here find out about the important work the Trust puts donations towards.


Casa Calientes
Casitas Calientes (Hot House)

The Government of Peru has now taken over the initiative which is an excellent result for the project, specifically for the families living in the high altitudes of Peru.

The Problem
Each year in the central highlands of Peru, many children and elderly die purely as a result of the cold. The cold also affects the children’s ability to learn and to develop.

The Solution
A trombe wall is a passive solar building technique where a wall is built on the winter sun side of a building, with an external layer and a high heat capacity internal layer separated by a layer of air. Heat in close to the UV spectrum passes through the outer layer almost unhindered, then is absorbed by the wall that then re-radiates in the far infrared spectrum which does not pass back through the outer layer easily, thereby heating the inside of the building. A trombe wall is installed in the master bedroom where the family sleeps. This heating system raises the temperature inside the house by about 10° Celsius on average. In addition to the trombe wall, the kitchens and overall insulation will also be improved, with the addition of a fireplace and chimney to take the smoke outside and to prevent too much warm air disappearing.


In December 2018, many WWF Australia members joined the Akademik Sergey Vavilov on a voyage to Antarctica. Antarctica Travel Centre were very pleased to be chosen as the preferred agent for WWF members to book through. The voyage was joined by Tim Flannery, Tim Jarvis and WWF’s Chris Johnson, who is a senior Manager of WWF Antarctic Program. Chris works with Ari Friedlander a Marine biologist from Oregon State University.

From additional arrangements and other voyages booked South America/Antarctica Travel Centre (Tailor-Made Journeys Pty Ltd) donated $8,876.51 towards WWF’s ongoing projects to help protect Antarctica (in particular whale research).


To find out more about WWF’s work in Antarctica please click here