Arctic Travel Centre

Cruises to Svalbard, Greenland, Canada, North Pole & Russian Far East


The Arctic Travel Centre was added in 2014, to complement the Antarctica Travel Centre and to look after our past clients.  Our first experience of the High Arctic was in 2002, with frequent return visits over the intervening period.



We’ve travelled to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) the Canadian High Arctic, Iceland, Greenland and to the very top-of-the-world ,the North Pole.  Each year we ‘re adding to our knowledge of different regions, Arctic cruise ships and operators.  This is particularly important as there are many new build ships as well as operators moving into new regions.



With our first-hand knowledge we are well placed to help you choose the best operator, ship and itinerary that suits what you want.  Being independent means we are not obliged to sell specific ships.  We’ll work with you to ensure the experience is as wonderful as it should be, whether that’s an Expedition ship, a mixture of the Expedition & Luxury or a Luxury voyage.  The one thing all our partners have in common is they run an excellent operation.