Our Travellers’ Images


From October 2018-2019 we ran the Tailor-Made Journeys Photography Competition. It was an absolute pleasure to receive so many fantastic entries throughout the year. A big congratulations to everyone who entered and especially those mentioned below who were selected as winners, along with honourable mentions.


“Wow, just wow!  It was a pleasure to see so many incredible places through the eyes of your guests.  Congratulations to all for capturing an array of amazing moments.  Of course with hundreds of images to sort through it was very difficult to identify three winners.  Apart from the winners, I’d like to make special mention of three unlucky photographers that just missed out on a podium finish but should be very proud of their images.  Again, congratulations to all the entrants and I wish you all happy travels and many more magical moments.”

– David Sinclair

David Sinclair Image

First Place

Gentoo Penguins by Querida David

Snow Falling on Gentoo Penguins – Querida David – Antarctica

An evocative image of the harsh environment to which these Gentoo Penguins are superbly adapted.​ – David Sinclair

Second Place

Salt Ponds of Maras- Peru by Michelle Feros

Ponds of Maras – Michelle Feros – Peru 

Beautiful colours, lines and story-telling.​ – David Sinclair

Third Place

Courting Gentoo Penguins- Antarctic Peninsual by Jacqui Read

Courting Gentoo Penguins – Jacqui Read – Antarctica

A brochure shot, who wouldn’t be charmed by this image of Antarctica!​ – David Sinclair


Chinstrap Penguin on Deception Island Antarctica by Adrien Froidevaux

Adrien Froidevau – Antarctica 

An excellent wide angle shot of Chinstrap Penguins at Deception Island.​ – David Sinclair


Angela Borg – Galapagos Islands

Congratulations for capturing a wonderful natural history moment from the Galapagos Islands.​ – David Sinclair

Pool with a view- Atacama, Chile by Peter Carlisle

Peter Carlisle – Atacama Desert

Another “brochure” shot, who wouldn’t want a dip in this pool (assuming it’s heated!)​ – David Sinclair